How We Started A Successful Landscaping Business

My names Juan and our tale begins approximately 10 years ago. My brother Manuel and I started working for a landscaping company in Texas named Oscar’s Landscaping. We started at the bottom of the food chain and slowly worked our way up to supervisors within a few years. See, the company we worked for served the entire Dallas area of Texas so we had many crews that were constantly working around the clock everyday. This was a great opportunity for us as we were able to quickly move up the ladder and also make more money doing something that we liked. After spending 5 years with that landscaping company, my brother and I decided that we were going to start our own landscaping business and we were off to the races. Within 5 years we had built a multi million dollar landscaping business and then quickly turned our business into a franchise, which made us worth 8 figures each in a very short period of time. I tell you these statistics not to brag but to simply motivate you on what can be done. If you follow our blueprint of success in this blog, we assure you that you will have a great chance at making more money than you ever dreamed of. I know, you’ve probably heard that one before, but we’re not sharing some get rich quick scheme, simply some tactics that have worked for us and helped us become successful very quickly.