06 Sep

Marketing Your Landscaping Business

What better way to market yourself than having people that are actively raising their hands saying, “Hey! We’re looking for landscaping and want to pay you money!”? The answer is, there is no better way to market yourself. If you’re interested in dominating your city and building a brand for yourself that people trust and recognize, let use welcome you to the internet.

Do you know how many people are searching on the internet for landscaping services in your city? Go to Google Keyword Tool and find out right now. The answer will probably astonish and intrigue you, but we’re here to tell you that no matter what the tool says, those numbers are still probably lower than in reality. We searched how many people were looking for landscaping in Dallas, Texas and it said there were about 350. Once we got our website to the top of the search results, we quickly found out the answer was actually thousands. We were getting our phones blown up at all hours of the day with people asking us to come out and give them a quote OR booking them on the spot to take over their monthly maintenance services. Sure, we could have gone the old school routes of printing flyers, door knocking, cold calling, and radio advertising, but instead we decided that we were going to invest in our business and position ourselves as an authority in our marketplace.

So, how did we get to the top of the search engine results? The answer plain and simple is, it wasn’t easy. We searched high and low for a company that could take over our online presence and get the results we wanted. See, Dallas is a competitive city with a huge population so we knew that the other landscaping companies at the top of the search results had already shelled out big bucks to get there. We knew we were going to have to shell out a lot of money up front but in the long run it would pay off dividends… and we were right. After about the tenth company that we called that was offering “SEO” services for about $200 per month, we found someone that gave us the honest truth. He said, “Dallas is a big city and we’re going to need a powerful network of websites that are linking to your site to get you to the top.” Right away we knew we were talking to someone that wasn’t going to take this lightly and knew the skills it would take to get us there. After meeting with this guy we learned that instead of the $200 per month price we had been quoted almost ten times before, we were going to be spending about $5,000 up front than a monthly recurring fee to host and maintain all of the properties. This was a valuable lesson learned because we could have taken the cheap route and gotten what we paid for but instead we went with the more expensive route because we knew that these other “cheap” companies wouldn’t be able to help us accomplish our goals.

Once we hired our guy, there was no stopping us. We were on like page 7 or 8 of Google when we started and within 3 months we were on page 1 and receiving a lot more phone calls. By the end of 4 months, we were #1 in Google for the most searched for terms like “Landscaping Dallas, TX”. Turns out, thousands of people are searching for that exact phrase every month so when they see our website at the top and click on it, most of those people are quickly calling us and requesting our services. Out of all the marketing options out there today, this is the one we went with and the one we continue to use for our franchise properties. We tell the franchise buyers straight up that it is going to be a large marketing investment up front and will also continue monthly, but we always guarantee they will get a massive ROI on their money spent. We hope this has given you some insight into how powerful using the internet to market your landscaping business can be.

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