02 Mar

Marketing Your Landscaping Business For 2017 And Beyond

A major publication recently stated that all advertising would be digital by the end of the 2020’s. This statement has a lot of credibility behind it based on current trends we’re already seeing in 2017. Consumers are searching from their mobile phones more than they are on their computers. They’re searching for local businesses on the various search engines and they’re doing it more frequently. The famous old saying “Google it” is officially here and that is literally what consumers are doing for all products and services. The same is true for landscaping business owners. If there are 10 people that need landscaping in a given day, 9 out of 10 of them are going to use the internet to find their landscaping company. What’s even crazier is that 75% of those people are going to go to Google while only 15% will use Bing, and only 8% will use Yahoo. The other 2% is split among smaller search engines like Ask.com and others. Why is this important information to know for a landscaping company? Well, it’s very important in order to generate business because now you know exactly where your customers are looking!

We hope this has been insightful and will help you generate major amounts of sales this upcoming year. If you want to know how to get your business to the top of the search engines, just do what your customers are doing and “Google it!”. This post has been brought to you by Tempe Landscaping Pro’s… the best landscaping Tempe, Arizona has to offer!

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